Tri-County Auto Supply Company, Inc. (TCA) was founded in 1983 in Rockaway, NJ. TCA realized the automotive dealership industry had a solid opportunity to create a new solution to the “wagon peddler” suppliers of the time. 

In the 80's, TCA distributed hardware, AC Delco, Motorcraft and other ancillary supplies. Hard work and a commitment to customer service developed a strong base for the company to grow upon.

In 1985, current President, Gary Finkelstein joined the business. Gary brought a strong sales ability, fresh ideas, and helped expand TCA into new geographical areas.

In the 90’s, TCA decided to diversify product offering to counter the difficult automotive market. Our janitorial supply and office coffee divisions were born, allowing TCA the ability to offer one-stop shopping for automotive dealership needs.

In 2003, Our past Vice President, Rodney Houle joined the business. Rodney brought many innovative ideas to the table including plans to improve operations, employ technology, and develop supplier relationships. Rodney decided in 2020 to leave his role and open a new business. We wish him continued success. Thank you for your contributions to the growth of Tri County Auto Supply.

In 2007, TCA diversified even further by introducing a service chemical program through Valvoline called SunPower.  SunPower later became Valvoline Professional Series (VPS) and has changed the way TCA goes to market.  VPS gave TCA the ability to be a profit center for our dealerships and dealership groups and became the catalyst for growth for TCA moving forward.

Growth continued throughout the decade moving TCA to develop a sales team and expanded its territory to a 150-mile radius from Rockaway, NJ.   

Our General Manager Tatiana Santiago has been with TCA for the past 20 years. Tatiana has performed every position at TCA and has contributed and succeeded in all facets of our business. Her leadership, support, and guidance through some of TCA’s most challenging times was recognized when in 2021 Tatiana was asked to join the board of directors and accepted an offer to become the newest business partner at Tri County Auto Supply. Today Tatiana manages all day-to-day operations; we are excited to see what she will bring to the future of the company to assure the longevity of success at TCA.

A special thank you to our remarkable staff who worked closely together during the pandemic to assure the re-build and success of our business platform.

Today, TCA associates service over 200 clients in New York and New Jersey.  Although the company has grown during the past 30 years, the core values and family business approach TCA was founded on holds true.  TCA is enthusiastic about delivering customized programs to help dealerships reduce back-end expenses, increase profitability, and improve customer retention.

“Making Dealerships More Profitable”


Our Mission

TCA is dedicated to the development of long-term valuable relationships with clients, vendors, and associates by pursuing the finest quality products and services with a focus on professionalism and integrity.

Combined with customized programs, TCA can tailor solutions to meet the needs of each business model and maximize profit potential while separating itself from the competition.